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Metering Systems

Metering Systems

OZNA is a recognized Russian leader in manufacturing equipment for Well Metering and Well Testing. Many types of metering skids (test separators) were first introduced to the market by OZNA, like the group well metering skid Sputnik.

By constant search for new solutions, production modernization, innovation technologies OZNA specialists created new generation of high-technology metering systems. OZNA-Micron, OZNA-Impulse, OZNA-Massomer, OZNA-Vx - this is the evolution of metering skids only for the last ten years.

Modern OZNA Metering Systems comply with the requirement of the national standard GOST R 8.615-2005, providing metering flowrates of liquid, oil and water in mass units, and gas - in volumetric, reduced to standard conditions.

A large range of metering skids lets a customer to choose equipment that complies with all kinds of operation conditions and requirements.

OZNA offers to its clients various variants of Metering Skids: stationary block-type, mobile, modular.

Modern technical solutions for manufacturing of metering equipment – is the result of a systematic approach of OZNA to upgrading its equipment considering the requirements of clients and real technical capabilities to realize such solutions.

  • 3 Phase Well Metering Skid OZNA-MASSOMER
  • Mobile 3 Phase Test Separator (Mobile variant of OZNA-MASSOMER)
  • 3 Phase Hydrostatic Metering Skid OZNA-IMPULSE
  • Multiphase Metering Skid OZNA-Vx
  • 2 Phase Well Metering Skid OZNA-Sputnik
  • Upgrade Kit SPUTNIK-OZNA-VM1 for Upgrade of 2 Phase Skid into a 3 Phase Skid
  • Measuring and Data Processing Block BIOI
  • Single Well Metering Skid BIUS 40-50
  • Piston-Pipe Prover OZNA-PROVER C-0,05



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