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Pumping and Compression Equipment

Pumping and Compression Equipment

OZNA manufactures a wide range of pumping and compression equipment for various applications. They take up to 40 percent of the total Company revenue.

Substantial place is taken by the Water Injection Pumping Stations. Water Injection Pumping Stations are used to inject water into multiple wells for reservoir pressure maintenance of a field. Such pumping stations were manufactured by OZNA in 1970 for the first time. Back then oilmen started to use very actively the artificial pressure maintenance technologies, which helped to increase oil production. OZNA equipment passed the field tests successfully and for many years the Company has been the main supplier of Water Injection Pumping Stations to oil fields of the former USSR. And today OZNA continues to be among leaders in Water Injection Pumping Stations manufacture in Russia.

In 2010-2011 OZNA engineers for the first time designed a Multiphase Pumping Station (MPPS) for the Orenburg oil and gas condensate field. Multiphase Pumping Stations are used to boost the gassed oil from oil wells in the oil collector to transfer it to the Oil Treatment Plant. Pumping stations with multiphase pumps allow transferring gas-liquid mixture without preliminary gas separation, which eliminates the need to build high cost separators and gas compression stations.

Oil Pumping Stations (OPS) for transfer of oil and similar liquids manufactured by OZNA have very good credit on the oil fields. Many years of experience and manufacturing potential allows OZNA to manufacture unified pumping equipment and single projects of any complexity.

Compression equipment is used to compress and transfer air and gas, and compression stations – are used for transportation of natural gas, gathering and transfer of associated petroleum gas, compression of petroleum gas and gas injection into formation of oil-gas-condensate fields. OZNA compression equipment is used for Associated Petroleum Gas utilization projects and in Oil and Gas Field Treatment Plants.

Today OZNA pumping and compression equipment is successfully operated on the most oil and gas fields of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and other neighboring countries. During construction of the Vankor field the Head and Final Pumping stations of the oil pipeline Vankor-Purpe, Water Injection Stations, and Super-Module Equipment was produced by OZNA.

Large projects were realized in Kazakhstan: for the Kozhasai field OZNA manufactured a unique pumping station with over 4 000 cubic meters per day capacity and 2 000 meters head max.

In 2010 OZNA manufactured various pumping equipment. A Water Injection Stations was supplied to local Bashneft oil company for reconstruction of three oil fields of Bashkortostan, to West Siberian oil company Russneft, Orenburg production division of TNK-BP, etc.

OZNA manufactured and supplied Oil Pumping Stations and Steam Generator to Uvat group of oil fields of TNK-Uvat, a pumping stations for expansion project of Tyumenneftegaz, oil sludge pumping station for Naryanmarneftegas, oil transfer pumping station for Aki-Otyr and many other. Three Gas Vapour Gathering systems were manufactured for Bashneft, Russneft and TNK-BP.

Clients of OZNA are largest oil companies of the country - Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, TNK-BP, Gazpromneft, Bashneft and Tatneft, and smaller companies like Dulisma and Sheshmaoil.

OZNA offers pumping and compression equipment of various types in price and design. Among innovation products – a Water Injection Station with horizontal pump units, compression stations and pumping stations.

Sulzer Pumps is the strategic partner of OZNA. Sulzer has over a century experience in design and manufacture of pumps for oil and gas industry.

  • Water Injection Pumping Station
  • Oil Pumping Station
  • Multiphase Pumping Station
  • Compression Station
  • Fire Fighting Pumping Station
  • Foam Fire Fighting Pumping Station



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