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Chemical Injection and Pressure Manifolds

OZNA manufactures Chemical Injection Package OZNA-Dosator and Water Distribution Manifolds OZNA-Plast.

First samples of such equipment were produced by OZNA in 1970-s. Those were Chemical Injection Packages BDU-3 and Demulsifiers DG-1600 and DG-250.

The Pressure Manifold is used for distribution, flow and pressure metering of water that is injected into injection wells of the formation pressure maintenance system.

Chemical Injection Package is used for dosing of liquid demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors into a pipeline of the field oil transportation and treatment system, which is one of the methods for equipment and pipe metal protection. For the last 15 years OZNA has acquired an extended experience of manufacturing Chemical Injection Packages. We offer our clients over 200 modifications, including mobile variants.

OZNA is constantly working on design of new technologies and products. The fresh example is the pilot units of Well-type Chemical Injection Packages (explosion proof and industrial variants) supplied to the oil fields of Kalmykia and Udmurtia.

  • Chemical Preparation and Injection Package BDR-M
  • Chemical Injection Package OZNA-Dosator
  • Water Distribution Manifold OZNA-Plast



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