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Spare parts for Well Metering Skids

Production of units and assemblies for oil field equipment is a considerable part of OZNA product line. OZNA produces: Ball Valves DN 3-100 mm, Needle Valves Vi-15, Turbine Meter TOR-80 and TOR-50, Hydraulic Drives and pumps for them, HP Valves KSHP-1 for Pressure Manifolds, Electric Drive Valves KSHE, Dosing Pumps, Gas Valves (KE, 3G2), Flow Switches, Wedge Valves DN 15 mm, Meter Tanks for Chemical Injection Packages a shells for them.

The rubber section manufactures rubber goods for oil equipment produced by OZNA. The galvanizing section makes the covering for parts used for product manufacture. Foundry produces steel and black steel castings for all shops of the Company and fulfills order for third-party companies.

Produced units and assemblies are used for further processing and use in the products of Business Units: Metering Systems, Pumping and Compression Equipment, Chemical Injection and Pressure Manifolds, Modular Equipment Production.

  • Flow regulator
  • Rotary Well Switch
  • Separator tank
  • Valves
  • Turbine Liquid Meters TOR 1-50, TOR 1-80
  • Hydraulic Drive GP-1M, GP-3M



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