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OZNA offers a full complex of service for in time and high quality service of equipment supplied to clients.

OZNA is heading to provide presence of service centers in all the key oil production regions.

OZNA provides the following services: metrological, contract supervision and start-up services, control systems upgrade, warranty and post-warranty service, well interventions with a Chemical Preparation and Injection Unit to Enhance Oil Recovery, level out the infectivity profile of injection wells.

The Type Approval certificate for the SPUTNIK-OZNA-VM1 upgrade kit allowed OZNA to provide new type of services - upgrade of 2 Phase Metering Skids to meet metrological and functional properties of 3 Phase Metering Skids as required by the national standard GOST R 8.615-2005 Metering of quantity of extracted oil and petroleum gas.

The main companies of the service division are - Head Office LLC Service Company OZNA in Ufa, branches in Nizhnevartovsk and Oktyabrsky.

  • Service support of OZNA Products
  • Support of software for Process Control Systems
  • Treatment of downhole with binary mixtures using the upgraded Chemical Injection Unit
  • Sample testing and oil sample analysis in mobile and stationary laboratories
  • Upgrade of 2 Phase Metering Skids “Sputnik” into 3 Phase Metering Skids
  • Equipment start-up
  • After-warranty service
  • Servicing Control Equipment and Automation
  • Repairs, calibration, preparation for state proving
  • Construction
  • Well flowrate testing and calculation of Gas Volume Fraction using the Mobile Test Separator Laboratory.
  • Overhaul of Well Metering Skids of all types
  • Warranty service
  • Contract supervision
  • Technical maintenance



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