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OZNA-Engineering that has many years of experience in Process Control Systems and Fiscal Metering Systems offers a OZNA-Global complex – which is a complex of measures in design and implementation of various Process Control Systems into industrial operation.

OZNA-Global is a ready solution for oil production, oil metering, telemechanics and control of energy resource of industrial companies, and makes up a complex of hardware and software comprising of the following:

  1. OZNA-Flow Data Processing System for Fiscal Oil, Gas, Water Metering Systems
  2. OZNA-Geo telemechanics system for remote facilities
  3. OZNA-Energy a system for energy metering

The main criteria for Control System are the possibility for further expansion. All changes of the operated facility are made in rather short term and without considerable labor cost.

Control Solutions supplied by OZNA-Engineering meet all requirement of customers in flexibility, expansion capability, reliability and have no limits on implementation in the oil and gas industry. This is good for Fiscal Metering and for Process Control Systems of Modular Equipment (like Water Injection Stations, Metering skids, Chemical Injection Packages) and field facilities. OZNA Control Systems have been implemented in such large companies like Transneft, Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Pechoraneft.

Main stages of Process Control System implementation

  1. Design of project and metrological documentation:
    • Pre-design inspection of an object to be automated
    • Draw up and agreement of Specification
    • Design and agreement of Automation Project
    • Design and agreement of documents required for Fiscal Metering of Oil, Gas and Oil Products (Metering Methodology, report and other) at corresponding authorities.
  2. Procurement of equipment:
    • Production of equipment at the own manufacture
    • Procurement of purchased goods and materials
    • Supply of equipment at the project site
  3. Software design:
    • Software design for controllers
    • Software design for operator workplace and servers (if needed)
    • Design of drivers for data collection from equipment with unique data transfer protocol
    • Design of subprograms for data retransfer to other systems
    • Design of upgrades for software products
    • Training of clients personnel
  4. Assembly works at the Process Control system site
    • Assembly of instruments
    • Assembly of executive mechanisms
    • Assembly of various technological equipment
    • Construction of trestle works
    • Laying of cable
    • Assembly of monometric stands and control cabinets
    • Assembly of fiber optic communication lines
    • Supervision of assembly if third party company is chosen (contract supervision).
  5. Start-up services for Process Control Systems:
    • Instrumentation
    • Executive mechanisms
    • Various technological equipment
    • Controllers
    • Data transfer equipment
    • Top and bottom level software.
  6. Supervision of trial operation
  7. Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Process Control Systems for oil production (upstream)
  • Control Station for Chemical Injection Package
  • Control Station for Test Separator
  • Control Station for Water Injection Pumping Station
  • Data Processing System for Fiscal Metering of Oil. Oil Products and Gas OZNA-Flow
  • Control Station for firefighting and alarm system
  • Control Station for custody transfer points (tank farms)
  • Control station for site management
  • Process Control Systems for oil refining (downstream)
  • Process Control Systems for energy applications
  • OZNA-Energy


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