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History of the Company

OZNA Company — is a modern Russian multi profile company — an important part of the fuel and energy complex of Russia. OZNA products are the common labor of over 3000 people and are shipped to all the oil and gas regions of Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

OZNA history began in the beginning of 1950-s, in the post-war period when the country was recovering the national economy and when the USSR oil industry had grew rapidly. In March 1953 in the town of Oktyabrsky (Bashkortostan Republic) a repairing and engineering works was build, which later became the foundation of the Company. Its products were demanded by the oil fields of the Republic, which then intensively produced «black gold».

In January 1958 in Oktyabrsky a new Plant for Manufacturing Devices and Instrumentation was build and named Nefteavtomatika. These two manufacturers surely took the leading positions in the industry.

In 1950–1960-s OZNA products were supplied mainly to oilmen in Bashkortostan, which showed the largest oil production growth in the country and was awarded an honored name of «second Baku».

In mid-1960-s started the development of new fields of West Siberia and new oil fields were partly fitted with OZNA equipment. First batches of Automated Group Well Metering Skids «Sputnik» (used for metering flow rate from a group of wells) were designed in Oktyabrsky (Bashkortostan) branch of Scientific and Research Institute for Automation of Oil and Gas Industry, and then produced by OZNA specialists.

In 1970-s the Company started serial supplies of Modular Water Injection and Oil Pumping Stations, Chemical Injection Packages, Metering Skids and other oil field equipment. Besides the Russian oilmen, companies from counties of the Economic Mutual Aid Council (Bulgaria, Romania, and Yugoslavia) were among the clients of OZNA.

In 1980 the two plants joined the production association BashNefteMashRemont, which later in 1983 by the order of the Minister of the Oil Industry of USSR was transformed to a single company — Oktyabrsky Plant of Automated Equipment and Devices (OZAOiP).

Transformations of 1990-s required new approaches to organizations of the company: 1990 — a rental company OZAOiP was created; in 1991 — a blocked production management system was implemented; in 1992 — it was decided to make privatization by incorporating the company; in 1993 — based on the AP OZAOiP a Joint Stock Company OZNA was created. In July 12, 1996 a JSC Stock Company OZNA was established.

In the first years of market transformations OZNA actively searched for new business activities. One of the successful decisions made by the management of the Company was to create a subsidiary company responsible for start-up and repair services for OZNA products, which was named OZNA-service and was established on June 25th, 1994.

On September 19th, 2003 Stock Company OZNA established a subsidiary company responsible for operative and fiscal metering of oil and oil products — LLC NPP OZNA-Engineering, which later became an independent Divisions of the OZNA Group.

In 2004 the management of the company decided to expand its business activities. A development strategy was designed, which presupposed serious competence expansion. The main goal was determined as the following: providing the integrated services for development of field from «scratch», that is starting from design stage — to the start of production and oil discharge to a trunk pipeline.

New departments, such as service, science-technical and design and survey were created in the Company to realize the new strategy. Today OZNA Group companies operate in over 30 cities of Russia, Europe and Asia. Partners of OZNA are largest oil companies of the country — Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, TNK-BP, Gazpromneft, Bashneft and Tatneft.

Company’s employees are doing everything possible to maintain OZNA as a reliable partner, which means always fulfilling contract obligations it takes. The chosen Company development concept lets the staff fulfill the tasks with honor. The guarantee for high achievement — are experience, professionalism, discipline and hard work of employees faithful to their job.


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