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JSC Stock Company OZNA

 «  »The core of the OZNA Group is the manufacturing division located in the city of Oktyabrsky (Bashkortostan Republic), which has been specializing in production of equipment for oil and gas industry for over 50 years.

The plant has considerable manufacturing capacity, which allows for production of a wide range of modular equipment for development of oil and gas fields. The industrial potential is determined by the experienced staff which is over 2300 people working in the manufacturing workshops with total capacity over 20 000 sq. meters.

The manufacturing divisions include all stages of oil and gas equipment production, which provides high quality of products and faster implementation of new products. The plant includes: welding, forging, foundry, mechanical metal processing, production of electrical equipment etc.

OZNA makes constant investments in expansion of production capacity and upgrading technologies and production equipment.

In 2011 a new organization structure was created in SC OZNA by dividing the business into Business Units and Production Units. This allowed the company to work in the post-crisis economic conditions and fulfill orders for its products. In 2011 each Business Unit mastered production of a few new product types, including Multiphase Pumping Stations and Gas Compression Stations, Innovational Chemical Injection Packages for Vankor field, Oil and Gas Treatment Plants. A whole range of new spare parts for drilling equipment passed trial test and obtained permission for use from oilmen. The Program for technical re-equipment of forging and stamping shop continues, where a hydraulic press was installed, in the PU Production of Modular Equipment a new high-precision plasma pipe cutting with numeric program control was mounted, the truck park is being renovated.

High quality of products is provided by the Quality Management System complying with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 first implemented in 2002. The system allows for constant quality improvement of products.

In October, 2009 SC OZNA passed recertification and proved the compliance of the Quality Management System with international standards. In September a Certificate of Compliance for new standard edition DIN EN ISO 9011:2008 was obtained.

The recertification audit proved that the Quality Management System of the company is constantly improving, all process are result-oriented, providing stable and high quality of products, satisfying to all possible requirements of customers.

On September 20–22, 2011 JSC SC OZNA and LLC OZNA-Metering Systems passed second supervisory audit by the representatives of TUV CERT — LLC Intercertifika-TUV in cooperation with TUV Thüringen. The audit was passed in thirty structural subdivisions. Expert-auditors decided to solicit to the certification authority TUV CERT for prolongation of the certificates issued to the JSC Stock Company OZNA and LLC OZNA-Metering Systems.

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