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LLC OZNA-Metering Systems

OZNA-Metering Systems was created in 2011 by carving out the metering business out of the Stock company OZNA. The company has a full production cycle, including research, design, production, start-up, marketing and sales of Well Flowrate Metering Skids (Test Separators).

The company works in the field of metering multiphase flows in the oil and gas industry.

The company offers its clients various variants of Metering Skids: stationary block-type, mobile, modular.

Modern OZNA metering systems comply with the requirements of the national standard GOST R 8.615–2005, allow for metering flowrates of liquid, oil and water in mass units, and gas — in volumetric, reduced to standard conditions.

For many years OZNA has been a recognized leader in this field in Russia. By constant search for new solutions OZNA specialists created new generation of metering systems. That is, almost all leading solutions for wells with high flowrate and Gas Volume Fraction were offered by OZNA. That is why OZNA is the main supplier of metering skids for the unique Vankor field in the East Siberia.

To achieve the set goals OZNA-Metering systems employees constantly do scientific and technical survey. The company modernizes the separation process because it is the quality of separation that influences metering accuracy a lot. OZNA modernizes various components of metering units to increase the general reliability of the equipment. OZNA develops new software which provides information not only for the daily flow rate and other parameters according to the GOST, but also creates a «well portrait» in real time and in dynamics for the majority of parameters.

OZNA-Metering Systems has achieved first results in promoting new technologies of metering multiphase flows to the market as a stationary non-separation units for metering well flow rate, based on Vx technology. OZNA found new application of multiphase flowmeters in the systems of oil transportation. This solutions allow reducing the cost of metering itself for a client and achieve additional benefits beyond the metering system.

The recent technologies in the Process Control Systems allow for creation of a Center for Control of Automation and Telemechanics of the Whole Wellpad based on a metering system. Controller and hardware basis of a metering unit realize the function of a Pad Controller, which eliminates the problem of doubling the PCS systems, simplifies it and increases quality of metering as a whole.

In September 2010 LLC OZNA-Metering Systems passed certification and in 2011 approved compliance of the Quality Management system with the international standards and obtained the Certificate of Compliance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Products and services:

  • Well Metering Skids (Test Separators) OZNA-Sputnik-AM, OZNA-Impulse, OZNA-Massomer, mobile test separators.
  • No-separation Multiphase Skids for metering of oil well flowrate, based on the Vx technology by Schumberger.
  • Services in start-up and technical maintenance of metering skids.
  • Services in upgrade of metering skids from 2 phase to 3 phase test separator.


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