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Metering Skids

Yuzhnoe-Khylchuyu field

For construction of the Yuzhnoe-Khylchuyu field of Naryanmaneftegaz OZNA manufactured eight well metering skids OZNA-Massomer E. Seven are design for large oil flows and have special technical requirements: high flow rate — up to 3000 tons per day and high H2S content. Control instrumentation, separator and valves suppliers from Italy, Holland, Germany and USA were used to fit the skids from high corrosion steel grades with components. The skid proved the required technical specification.

Vankor field (Krasnoyarskiy krai)

OZNA is the main supplier of metering units for the unique Vankor field in the East Siberia. This field is characterized by high well flow rate and substantial Gas Volume Fraction and low oil temperature. For the construction of the first run of Vankor field OZNA manufactured over 20 technological blocks comprising of almost all the equipment required at a well pad.

The blocks include new generation metering skids OZNA-Massomer, designed with an state-of-the-art separator allowing for metering in a very wide range of flow rate by gas and liquid. The separator is fully designed by OZNA engineers using the latest achievement in separation.

Metering skids are fitted with the most modern meters and control instrumentation. One of the block’s feature — is pneumatic control, which allows doing a range of additional tests and researches during operation at increased functionality and reliability.

Multiphase Metering Skid OZNA-Vx

Multiphase Metering Skid OZNA-Vx based on a no-separation technology is a joint design by OZNA and Schlumberger. The first trial skid was manufactured in 2009 and successfully passed the field tests.

In January 2011 an OZNA-Vx skid was shipped to Lukoil-Komi field to solve the metering task of multiphase well product transport. Industry experts who started to use the new generation metering skid OZNA-Vx got absolutely new possibilities in metering — the flow rate and content can be metered continuously.


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